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What is Kettlercise?

Kettlercise is a relatively new form of ballistic training using a kettlebell.

Kettlercise is different from other kettlebell programmes. The people who developed it spent 5 years refining and testing the exercises and routines to ensure it really does deliver results. I started weight training 20 years ago, I became a personal instructor 15 years ago, but the last 3 years of using kettlebells and Kettlercise is the fittest I have ever felt. I can't recommend it enough.

Men like Kettlercise because it provides excellent functional conditioning that will help all types of activities and sports, whether it is marathon running, contact sports, and working on a building site. It increases flexibility and core strength – if you want to improve your game and maximise your output, then Kettlercise will do this for you.

Women like Kettlercise because it works the whole body as one unit, including legs, hips and bottom, whilst also working the cardiovascular system. It gets you fit without having to use umpteen different pieces of gym equipment, and it gets you toned without getting you bulky.

Can’t I just buy a DVD?

Of course you can, but there are 2 things a DVD can’t give you:

  • Correct technique – I am a qualified Kettlercise instructor with a wealth of physical training experience. I will ensure you do your exercises right, and keep getting it right
  • Progress – keeping it up will deliver results. I will help you progress at the right pace to deliver the best results, and using a structured course allows you to measure your own improvement.

I am on the register of kettlebell professionals (RKPS). The RKPS web site states that “All R.K.P.S. instructors are trained to the highest level of competency in kettlebells. They understand motor engrams, faulty technique and proper correction drills to make the R.K.P.S. the gold standard of kettlebell training.”

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About me

I have trained personally for over 20 years now, and have been a qualified physical instructor for the last 15 years. I am a level 2 qualified Kettlebell instructor.


For me, these classes are about delivering a quality session that really gets results. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than seeing people making real progress, and getting real benefit from the work that we’ve done together.

My day job is providing physical instruction to prisoners, including those with mental issues. This experience has helped me understand the value of catering sessions to each individual’s needs and learning styles. Whilst my classes are not as challenging (!), it has enabled me to create an environment where people are not intimidated and really enjoy getting fit.

I also have lots of experience of working with professional athletes, including delivering kettlebell sessions for Hull FC. These classes will help you whether you’re a seasoned athlete looking to up your game, or a relative novice looking to turn over a new leaf.

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